3.40 – FREE FIRE and Space

We conclude our Ben Wheatley season with his most recent offering, 2016’s FREE FIRE. After our initial responses to the film, we go on to talk about claustrophobia, empathising with the IRA (!), and whether or not Wheatley has made the ‘step up’ to Hollywood (CA) direction.

3.39 – A FIELD IN ENGLAND and Psychedelia

Back after a hiatus, we delve further into Ben Wheatley’s oeuvre, with his 2013 historical horror A FIELD IN ENGLAND. Our reviews are mixed, but then we do get into some very interesting discussions about genre collisions, social structure, and whether or not Ben Wheatley will be a success as a blockbuster Hollywood director with […]

4 – Kettle Sour

In episode 4 we look at Kettle Sours, a method of souring beer without having to wait a couple of years! As usual, we brew one ourselves, talk about the style and our recipe, before trying out these commercial examples with our guest reviewer Rachael Harrison-Wood.