Fiona @ What Am I Rolling

Fiona is an e-learning content developer at St George’s, University of London, specialising in video and audio creation and development. She is the founder and main GM for ‘What Am I Rolling?’, a twice-monthly RPG one-shot podcast which introduces different RPG systems and genres to both new and experienced players. Her passions include storytelling, podcasting […]

43 – Table Beer

Table Beer is a fantastically versatile beer. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy at the table with a meal, to have all day if you’re settling in for a long session, or maybe if you’re just warming up and want something to whet your whistle before taking the plunge in the deep end. Lower in […]

4.26 — MEAN GIRLS (2004) & Limits

This week our high school season has reached the cultural zenith (no shade: it’s a culturally important film!) of MEAN GIRLS (2004). After some reviews, we talk about meta-commentaries on teenage slang, the refreshing absence of strong male characters, and why this might be a film about leaving the limitations of high school days behind.