4.11 – NOSFERATU and Longing

In our first film in a new ‘sub-season’, we tackle the 1922 classic that kick-started the vampire film genre (no, it wasn’t absolutely the first, but it was the first ‘mainstream’ vampire movie, and has inspired so many others). We have a special guest this week, who talks to us about German Expressionism, how this […]

25 – Rye IPA

Many of us have tried Rye in bread and other ingredients, but the question is should it be added to beer? Well, if Rye IPAs are anything to go by then of course it should! Often reddish in colour, Rye IPAs mix the big hit of American hops with a delicious (and some say spicy) […]

24 – English IPA

Modern English IPAs (unlike their traditional counterparts) may be made with all English ingredients but still manage to hit big intensities whilst also maintaining a quaffable easiness. If you like Maris Otter malt and big hops that tend toward spicy, herbal and earthy whilst keeping some of that hoppy citrus, then look no further!