Jennifer W

I have a BA and MA in English and Media / Film and Literature respectively, and have been teaching English Language for over a decade – starting out working exclusively with EAL and ESOL students from beginner to proficiency level, I have sidestepped into delivering GCSE (Language and Literature) and A Level (Film) courses with Leeds Sixth Form to both adults and 16-18s.

I am an avid film buff, cat lover, vinyl record aficionado and drinker of fine wines. Should you desire, I can be found on Twitter @orgonon81 (note the bonus Kate Bush reference, yes I’m a huge fan, but please brace yourself for some of my political opinions) I have a burning desire to return to academic study one day, and have a keen interest in the relationship between film adaptations and their original source material, as well as the female gaze in cinema. I also strongly favour the horror genre and my current favourite auteur is Yorgos Lanthimos.

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