Rob Wickings


Rob Wickings is the sort of person that used to be called a polymath. Or a schizophrenic. He is the author of two novels, numerous short stories and a critical treatise on the living dead. A blogger of the old school, he writes ever less frequently on culture, art and food on his webshite Excuses And Half Truths. He runs an occasional ego-suppression exercise on his radio blog WROB.

Rob spends his days as one of the few people left on the planet to handle motion picture film on a daily basis, and his nights dressed in tight black leather cruising the streets of Gotham City busting crimes. No wait, one of those is Bruce Wayne.

Rob lives in Reading in a house with a cemetery at the bottom of the road that he shares with a wife and cat who tolerate his eccentricities as long as they get food and snuggles at the appropriate times of the day.

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