3.02 — THE WEIGHT OF WATER and The Past

Season 3 continues with the next in our Kathryn Bigelow mini-season: 2000’s THE WEIGHT OF WATER. One of us is more in favour of the film than the other, but we settle into a good discussion of the representation of past events on film, novel—movie adaptation, and valuing ‘a valiant effort’ above ‘safe and uninspiring’ […]

2.44 – WAYNE’S WORLD (1992) and The Fourth Wall

This week’s ‘palate cleanser’, post-Batman, is the iconic Mike Myers vehicle (iconic, but unwatched for one of us!). We talk about the conventions with which the film is fairly obviously playing, touch on its meta-filmic nature, and think about the extent to which this is a genuinely funny comic film with very few jokes.