Soft Boy Hard Body

A fat lad attempts to drag his body – and life – into some sort of shape

Recent Episodes:

13 – COVID-19 - So, it's a new world out there and I'm scared, to be honest. This show is going to continue in some form, but it will be more about surviving this. About how my mind and my body are coping and…
12 – Quarantine - We're in a whole new world now...
11 – SP Week - Weight: 18st 9lb / Run: 34m 24s
Nieke Tebeest - Weight: 18st 6.5lb Run: 35m 20s Nieke is a Digital & Production Designer in film who has had a CrossFit addiction for the last 2 years. Loves lifting heavy weights and used to be an amateur Slalom skier in the…
9 – Consistency - Weight: 18st 6.5lb Run: 35m 20s  
8 – Frustration - Weight - 18st 7.5lb Run- 34m 22s  
7 – Food Planning - Weight: 18st 5.5lb Run: 35m 34s
6 – Falling Off The Wagon - Weight: 18st 10.5lb Run: 36m 13s
5 – Inspiration - Weight - 18st 6lb Run - 34m 14s Katie Beau Instagram SAS: Who Dares Wins
4 – Apps - Weight - 18st 7lb Run - 36m 23s  Fitbod Zombies Run! Slimming World Instagram Nike Running