15 – White Stout with Kieran Johnson

As the sweet, roasty, yet smooth drinking evil twin of the Black IPA, the White Stout is lesser known but just as beloved to its fans. Is the illusion great enough to justify the “Stout” name, or is it just a Coffee Pale Ale? In this episode we’re joined by Kieran Johnson (who recently brewed one with BlackJack Brewery) as we delve into what makes this elusive style so delicious.

As usual we try some of these commercial examples of the style:

Butcher’s Tears – Grainiac https://butchers-tears.com/

Eight Arch & Bexar County collaboration (part of Collabageddon 18) – Right Platform, Wrong Station http://www.8archbrewing.co.uk/ http://bexarcountybrewery.com/

Weird Beard & Azimut – I Scream For Choco Azimut http://www.weirdbeardbrewco.com/ https://www.azimutbrasserie.com/

We also go out of the style to self indulgently try these two extra special beers:

Pilot & Hale collaboration (part of Collabageddon 18) – Crunchie Stout http://pilotbeer.co.uk/ http://hale.beer/ Omnipollo – Hilma Vanilla Flipping Burger Fries IPA (as mentioned in Episode 4) http://www.omnipollo.com/