16 – Coconut Brown

In this episode Cal gets to revisit one of his earliest brews, the Coconut Brown. Combining the sweet malty robustness of a Brown Ale with the unique creaminess of Coconut, it’s a style not seen very often but enjoyed by most that try it.

We try some commercial examples of beer with Coconut in:

Mongozo – Coconut https://www.mongozo.com/
Siren Craft and Basqueland – Hawaiian Shake https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/ https://basquebeer.com/en/
Dark Revolution and Vibrant Forest – Baloo https://www.darkrevolution.co.uk/ https://www.vibrantforest.co.uk/

Then we try THE Brown. The one. The one that all are compared to:

Newcastle Brown Ale https://www.newcastlebrownale.co.uk/