17 – Brut Pale

Brewing has existed for millennia so when something truly new comes along people tend to pay attention. Brut IPAs are so new and have captured so many imaginations that we had to try it out for ourselves!

Focusing on more of an aged Brut Pale rather than the dry fresh and hoppy Brut IPA, we’re treading fairly new ground here, but will our experiment work?

We also try these commercial styles of Brut Pale/IPA:

Siren Craft – CuvĂ©e Brut https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/

Abbeydale and Haand – Splash It All Over https://www.abbeydalebrewery.co.uk/ http://haandbryggeriet.no/

Pressure Drop – Breaking Out Of My Tomb https://pressuredropbrewing.co.uk/