26 – Spruce Beer with Wild Weather Ales

Cal and Mike go to visit their friends and local brewery Wild Weather Ales. In the episode we learn about the brewery itself, and their experience brewing with the fantastic extra ingredient of Spruce Tips!

We try another Spruce Beer “Sprucy Banger” by Adnams and Northern Monk https://www.adnams.co.uk/ https://northernmonk.com/

Then try some fantastic and interesting beers by Wild Weather themselves https://wildweatherales.com/

“All Hans on Deck” collab with Wettre Bryggeri https://wettrebryggeri.net/

“Infinite Genies” collab with Brixham Gin https://www.brixhamgin.net/

and finally “Full of Beans Export” their 8.0% version of “Full of Beans”, talked about in our Craft Theory Special episode.