30 – Kveik Helles

In recent years strains and cultures of yeasts from Norway have started to get a lot of attention in the brewing world. Unlike other strains they ferment clean even at temperatures as high as 40°C! But can it make a good lager? Using a (sort of) traditional Munich Helles as a base and an isolated strain of Kveik, Mike hopes to find out.

As usual, we brew one ourselves and talk about it, then try these examples:

Hofmeister – Helles http://www.hofmeister.co.uk/

And Union – Unfiltered Lager http://www.andunion.com/en/

Boutilliers – Turtle Paradise http://www.boutilliers.com/

We also try the Traditional Dark Mild from episode 19. Find out what went right, what went wrong, and what we learned by brewing.

If you are interested in brewing this beer, you can find the recipe at