33 – Coffee Stout with Siren Craft Brew

Many people relish getting nerdy about homebrewing (maybe you’re one?), but there is also another type of brewing that gets equally deep, and that’s coffee. Coffee has been well studied and well enjoyed by many nerds and can add fantastic flavours to your beers, from dark lingering roasty bitterness to big rich fruity notes.

In this special on-location episode of By The Mash Tun we talk to Siren Craft brewer Kit Karazinov who has a lot of experience adding coffee to beer. Find out how, what, when, where and why to make these additions in order to bring out the exact flavour you’re looking for.

We also try all four of this year’s Project Barista series, all by Siren Craft Brew:

Double Double, Coffee Negroni, Irish and Bourbon Turkish. https://www.sirencraftbrew.com/

You can find the recipe discussed in the episode at https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/