34 – Old Ale with West Berkshire Brewery

One of the key parts of beer is the delicious grain that gives it its body, sweetness, colour and potentially many of its other attributes, the malted barley. If you’re a fan of a big malt character in your beers, then Old Ale might be a great style to try, since it’s packed full of big, biting and tasty malt flavours.

In this episode Mike chats with Will Twomey, head brewer of West Berkshire Brewery (where Mike also works, which is totally a conflict of interest) about an Old Ale that was brewed recently, named Holly Cutter.

We try Holly Cutter and discuss it’s recipe, before delving into these other examples of the style:

Morland – Old Crafty Hen https://www.oldspeckledhen.co.uk/

Theakston – Old Peculiar https://www.theakstons.co.uk/

Robinsons – Old Tom https://www.robinsonsbrewery.com/

And you can find out more about West Berkshire Brewery’s beers at https://www.wbbrew.com/