35 – New Zealand Pilsner

When choosing hops for your recipe, location and “terroir” can be just as important as variety. Hops from New Zealand in particular are highly regarded not only for having unusual intense flavours but also keeping things deliciously subtle in a well balanced beer. What better style to try them out than a New Zealand Pilsner, a crisp refreshing lager balanced with those new world hop notes.

As usual, we brew one ourselves and talk about it, then try these examples:

Mac’s – Hop Rocker – https://macs.co.nz/

Cloudwater – It Took Over The Airports – https://cloudwaterbrew.co/

Burnt Mill – Moutere and Mosaic – http://www.burntmillbrewery.com/


We also try two beers from previous episodes, the Schwarzbier from Episode 23 and the Pineapple Icecream Pale Ale from Episode 29. Find out what went right, what went wrong, and what we learned by brewing.