47 – Fruited Porter

As the nights draw in and the evenings get colder, why not turn to something darker, but with a twist? Take a robust English Porter and add a huge boost of dark seasonal fruits and you end up with something deliciously rich and autumnal.

In this episode we brew a Fruited Porter as well as trying these commerical examples:

Weird Beard – Dead By Dawn – https://www.weirdbeardbrewco.com/
Titanic – Plum Porter – https://www.titanicbrewery.co.uk/
St Peter’s – Old-Style Porter – https://www.stpetersbrewery.co.uk/
St Peter’s – Plum Porter

If you’re interested in brewing this recipe yourself, you can find it at https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/

Podchaser - By The Mash Tun