Come Find Your Niche

So, I’ve been working on something quietly for the last few months and I’m finally ready to share it with you, random people on the Internet.

I bid you welcome, to Kaiju FM.

Born out of a lifetime of geeky pursuits and and over-abundance of things to say, Kaiju FM is a podcast network for all your geeky pleasure; come find your niche as we say.

We’re launching with 6 shows but aim to build that up over 2017 (presuming we haven’t all died in the fiery nuclear death of Brexit-Trump-ageddon), so get in on the ground floor and tell all your friends. You can be that cool guy or gal who always knows the best bands or movies. But with podcasts.

Enough of me, what of our shows?!

The Prestige

Myself (an 10 year veteran of the British film industry) and Dr Sam Knowles (Cambridge-educated smart person) sit down and discuss movies, new and old. Each season we pick a theme and run with it. Currently we’re deep in Season 2 and looking at film franchises of all stripes.

Three Bored Gamers

You like games right? I do. We’ve got three avid board-gamers to chat about the latest releases and highlight some otherwise hidden gems. Expect long baggy discussions around all manner of dice-and-token based joy.


Anna S Cosplay and I catch up about the colourful and crafty world of Cosplay. We’re going to be covering how to get into cosplay, general etiquette for cons as well as deep dives into craft and photography technique, and even am interview or two if we can swing it…

3 Parrots

What sort of fish would you be if you had to be a fish? What makes you optimistic about 2017? These and other hypothetical discussions on 3 Parrots. Expect anarchy, long-winded in-jokes and a smorgasbord of guest hosts.

The 42

What it says on the tin. Life, the universe and everything. Two old friends take a geeky and opinionated look at the world and try to fix it, one ill-judged rant at a time.

Top 5

My wife and I may be very in love, but that doesn’t mean she is right about everything. We decided once and for all to get our top 5 lists together and then proceed to tear each other’s choices apart as only life-partners can.

So that’s us! We’ve got more shows planned in the pipeline so stick around! Please give us a follow over on Twitter or Facebook, or even come join the discussion on our subreddit.

This is the selling bit, so feel free to bail out now if you want…

We’d also love your support to keep doing this stuff. So if you do check us out and fancy slinging some shiny our way, please head on over to our patreon page and sign up. We’ve got some sweet rewards and we’re always open to ideas for more.

And we’re done…

Til next time True Believers!

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