What could be possibly better than seeing our clearly-meant-for-radio faces in person? Nothing is the best answer. 

Feel free to check out our upcoming live shows below and come along! 

 The Space Jam Continuum presents Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Welcome to The Tooniverse…

It’s the first birthday of The Space Jam Continuum podcast, and we would love to see your lovely faces at our first live event!

I can see you have questions… OK, go for it.

What’s going on?
A big screen showing of the 1988 classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We’ll be showing the film at The Pavilion, a converted 1920s cinema, then recording a live episode of The Space Jam Continuum podcast, which we’d love you all to be a part of.

Podcast? What are blathering about?
The Space Jam Continuum is an ongoing podcast project in which two hapless imbeciles have taken it upon themselves to fashion a cohesive cinematic universe from the entire Looney Tunes back catalogue. Join us on an adventure from 1937, when Porky and Daffy first meet, all the way to our end goal, Space Jam.

We’ve seen eggs become men, pigs become despots, rabbits become time-travelling murderers… it’s been harrowing.

On our first birthday, we’ll be into 1947, a prime time to watch the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Join us, won’t you?

What’ll it cost me?
£3. That’s it. Three quid. Can’t argue with that, surely?

OK, fine. I’m in. Where and when?
June 13th
The Pavilion, 143-145 Oxford Road, Reading
19:00 (doors from 18:30)

No alcohol is permitted on the premises, but The Nags Head is just across the street, and it’s a top notch pub, so join us afterwards for a beverage.

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