Gyfflin’s Quiver Of Delights

A quiver of arrows, as reliable as rolling a dice…

Suggested Table

1 – The arrow explodes in a shower of water, extinguishing all fires in a 5ft radius

2 – The arrow explodes in a burst of fire, dealing d8 fire damage to any creature in a 10ft radius

3 – The arrow transforms into a swirling tangle of ropes, restraining the creature, with a DC10 dexterity check to escape

4 – The arrow covers the creature in a thick tar like substance halving their movement and giving them disadvantage on all their rolls.

5 – The arrow explodes in a burst of bright light, dispelling all darkness, including magical kinds

6 – The arrow transforms into a stream of acid, dealing d10 damage to the creature and d6 for all adjacent creatures

7 – The arrow is silvered, ignoring any magical resistances and deals d8 dmg

8 – The arrow increases in speed, passing directly through the first creature and can hit up to 3 targets in a direct line behind it. The first creatue takes d10 dmg, the second d8, the third d6 and the last d4. Additional roll to hit are not required.

9 – The arrow casts the Charm Person spell on the target, they do not get to roll with advantage.

10 – The arrow leaves a trail in the air, dealing d8 dmg and granting adv on all future roll

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