4.27 — ST TRINIANS (2007) & Unity

This week’s film is the 2007 re-boot of the anarchic ST. TRINIAN’S franchise. Post-reviews, we talk about different takes on the male gaze, on this film as a period piece, and on the way in which such films can be heightened versions of universal truths.

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As Rob says in the episode, who knows what next time will be? We’ll let you know as soon as we do! (Well: Sam won’t…he’ll be otherwise occupied… #prayforsam)

Recent Media
ZOG (2018): Max Long, Julia Donaldson, Sir Lenny Henry
CHEER (2020): Greg Whiteley, Monica Aldama, La’Darius Marshall
TRIPWIRE (1999): Lee Child
BAD BOYS FOR LIFE (2020): Adil & Bilall, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence

WESTWORLD (2016–): Jonathan Nolan, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton
THE VOICES (2014): Marjane Satrapi, Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton
PERSEPOLIS (2000, 2004): Marjane Satrapi
MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING (1997): P.J. Hogan, Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (2005): Joe Wright, Jane Austen, Keira Knightley

Firstly, the story of Ronald Searle’s initial cartoons about the school and their inspiration (and the sheer violence of those involved!) is well worth reading. (The plot of THE BELLES OF ST. TRINIAN’S [1954], on which some of the plot elements here are based, is also good.) This article — particularly given the number of ‘intertextual‘ references within the film — is a good one. Finally, this book doesn’t have ST. TRINIAN’S in it, but (removes tongue from cheek) it is worth a look if you’re interested in the topic of heists on film.

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