ANIARA (2019) & Loss – (Bonus Episode)

In this episode, Rob and Karin dive into the 2019 release, Aniara.

We recorded this back earlier in the year, but given the state of the world soon after, we held off on releasing it. Some time has passed and whilst the world isn’t much better, we felt we could release it without inducing too much anxiety. But please, go into this episode knowing that this film is not a fun time…

Karin is a voice actor, podcaster and drama teacher. She creates and produces Y2K, an audio drama in 54 parts about love, identity and long-distance friendship set in two timelines on opposite sides of the world. She also produces and co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Audio drama acting credits include Mirrors, Vampires of White Chapel, Copperheart, The White Vault and Hit the Bricks. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can find her on Twitter @karinheim and her shows @Y2Kpod and @nyasvarta


Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål), film
Girl in Space, audio drama podcast