We move onto the fourth in the Bourne franchise, 2012’s LEGACY. It’s one of those fun episodes where we have…differing opinions on the film, but we come together for discussions of Bourne films more generally, more on franchises, and why certain scenes left us wanting more. (This is Sam’s first go at editing and uploading [ooh, the power] due to obvious recent Maythorne developments; go easy on him.)

This Week’s Watching
SUICIDE SQUAD (2016): David Ayer, Will Smith, Jared Leto
APEX (1994): Philip J. Roth, Richard Keats, Mitchell Cox

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL (2011): Brad Bird, Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner
ABOUT A BOY (2002): Chris Weltz, Nick Hornby, Hugh Grant
MAGNOLIA (1999): Paul Thomas Anderson, Jeremy Blackman, Tom Cruise
PACIFIC RIM (2013): Guillermo del Toro, Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba

First of all, the overwhelming maleness of the films we mentioned needs addressing; 0 out of 18 names being female is pretty poor. Our fault, or that of Hollywood? Hmmm. This is a good review, encompassing both our perspectives on LEGACY: This article has some intriguing information on the relationship between Greengrass and Gilroy (and Damon), dating from the release of the fourth film: And finally, here’s some good news on the depiction of women in films, which we mention at the end of the episode: