Soft Boy Hard Body

A fat lad attempts to drag his body – and life – into some sort of shape

Recent Episodes:

7 – Food Planning - Weight: 18st 5.5lb Run: 35m 34s
6 – Falling Off The Wagon - Weight: 18st 10.5lb Run: 36m 13s
5 – Inspiration - Weight - 18st 6lb Run - 34m 14s Katie Beau Instagram SAS: Who Dares Wins
4 – Apps - Weight - 18st 7lb Run - 36m 23s  Fitbod Zombies Run! Slimming World Instagram Nike Running  
3 – Run - Run Fat Boy Run Slimming World 2009 London Marathon Tough Mudder ParkRun Follow Us On Instagram
2- Food - Let's talk about the tasty, tasty elephant in the room - Food Slimming World Food Diary Come find us on Instagram
1 – Intro - The Softest, The Hardest, Come Join The Fun!