36 – American Lager

It’s easy to look down on American Lagers. They’re popular and have flavours so subtle that some would argue slip into the relms of being bland. In reality, brewing something as clean and neutral can be very difficult and as a homebrewer creating something this flawless is possibly the ultimate challenge of your abilities.

35 – New Zealand Pilsner

When choosing hops for your recipe, location and “terroir” can be just as important as variety. Hops from New Zealand in particular are highly regarded not only for having unusual intense flavours but also keeping things deliciously subtle in a well balanced beer. What better style to try them out than a New Zealand Pilsner, […]

30 – Kveik Helles

In recent years strains and cultures of yeasts from Norway have started to get a lot of attention in the brewing world. Unlike other strains they ferment clean even at temperatures as high as 40°C! But can it make a good lager? Using a (sort of) traditional Munich Helles as a base and an isolated […]

27 – Clone Beer

If you want a surefire way of brewing a delicious beer that you’ll love to drink, why not start with a clone beer? Taking a tried and tested beer from another brewery and trying to recreate it as authentically as possible (or brewing a “clone” of it) can help any brewer hone their skill whilst […]