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Join Rob & Sam, two life-long friends, one a veteran of the film industry, the other a Cambridge-educated writer on books, movies and graphic novels. Each week they talk about a film and some of the ideas it throws up.

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Recent Episodes:

4.38 – LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS (1998) & Remixing - Our film this time is Guy Ritchie’s 1998 break-out film, which spawned a host of not-always-successful imitators — even among the work of Ritchie himself!
4.37 – THE USUAL SUSPECTS (1995) & Story-Telling - This week, we focus on a doubly discredited (director and star) but undeniably classic film: THE USUAL SUSPECTS.
4.36 – THIEF (1981) & Honour - This week’s film is an early one from Michael Mann, king of the crime genre: THIEF.
4.35 – THE STING (1973) & Façades - This week’s film is the 1973 multiple-Oscar-winning classic THE STING.
4.34 – THE ITALIAN JOB (1969) & Nationalism - This week, our focus turns to the 1969 classic THE ITALIAN JOB.
BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967) & Iconoclasm - This week we discuss the landmark historical film BONNIE AND CLYDE. Our reviews are followed by discussions about how this film was a cultural jumping-off point, and how it’s filled with examples of iconoclastically pushing back against society
4.32 – OCEAN’S ELEVEN (1960) & Camaraderie - This week we tackle the original OCEAN’S ELEVEN — over 40 years before the Soderbergh re-make, and set in a very different time.
4.31 – RIFIFI (1955) & A Code of Honour - This week, we begin our heist movies mini-season with the 1955 French film noir RIFIFI.
ANIARA (2019) & Loss – (Bonus Episode) - In this episode, Rob and Karin dive into the 2019 release, Aniara.
4.30 – BOOKSMART (2019) & Heartbreak - The final film in our ‘high school’ sub-season is the Olivia Wilde film from last year BOOKSMART.