The Space Jam Continuum

In this, the era of the extended cinematic universe, two brave (read: stupid) heroes take it upon themselves to fashion a coherent narrative from the entire Looney Tunes collection in the hope of making some of that sweet, sweet WB dollar.

Recent Episodes:

Take Your Chance, Do Your Dance - It's finally time. The boys take a trip to the cinema to watch Space Jam: A New Legacy.
S04E11 – Captain Of The Cheese Boat - In this Sylvester heavy episode, have we finally seen Sylvester Jr drive his father away for good?
S04E10 – Slight Crumbage - Well, much like the Renegade Master, we are back again and, much like Benjamin Button, we have reverted to a younger form and resorted to our old equipment to get this out to you all.
S04E09 – Forks in the Road - Well, it's been a while since we've had such an episode but, after a strong start, this one kinda descends into an inconsequential wash.
S04E08 – Time Jam - More wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff this week as we further investigate the Foghorn situation, and finally find out why guns are the way they are in the Tooniverse.
S04E07 – Moxie on the Ball - Bugs is scouting for wolves in this dog heavy episode.
S04E06 – The Good 1958 Film, Space Jam - Everything we ever thought we knew is a lie!
S04E05 – Quack Sassy & Sly Powers - A new awful sex pest is introduced, Sylvester takes a holiday, Daffy begins to resent Bugs' popularity, and Elmer has an awfully large portfolio of properties at this point.
S04E04 – The Extradition of John - Bugs arranges for Taz's extradition to a US zoo, sends his past self to gather more treasure for an increasingly greedy Daffy, and continues to leverage Daffy's avarice for his own ends.
S04E03 – Magic Helmet - As our iconic team finally begin their ascension to full-fledged godhood, we take a trip to Europe to see how our resident elder god is getting on, and discover a good number of folks are under Sam's eldritch power.