The Space Jam Continuum

In this, the era of the extended cinematic universe, two brave (read: stupid) heroes take it upon themselves to fashion a coherent narrative from the entire Looney Tunes collection in the hope of making some of that sweet, sweet WB dollar.

Recent Episodes:

18 – A Billion Trillion Years BC - As Porky's run of bad experiences in odd, experimental hospitals continues, we take a trip way back in time to answer some questions about the age of the Tooniverse, and the nature of the things that live there.
17 – What’s Up, Doc? - Porky's eternal job hunt continues, Sniffles develops a degenerative mental disease, and we finally meet the face of the Tooniverse - what's up, Doc?
16 – This Changes Everything - As The-Egghead-Who-Made-It continues his theatrical career, we see the introduction of a grotesque earthworm, Sniffles taking a nice jaunt to the country, and an inter-dimensional incident which, if we're honest, takes up a full 20 minutes of the episode. IT'S…
15 – Get Yer Fudd On - We catch up with the Egghead that made it, get a glimpse of our original, much-missed Porky Pig, and are confronted with a host of confounding marine biology questions
14 – Portalception - As we rejoin the ongoing adventures of Porky IV, the youngest pig ever to be put in the Porky role, we welcome the return of Daffy, observe a portal within a portal, and wonder which dimensions rules you follow when…
13 – The Trials of Porky IV - Explorations this week include the Agency testing out the new Porky, the ghostly nature of cats' many lives, the existence of giants, and, of course, sluice chicken.
12 – Regeneration Cycle - Cal's got some conkers! Also, we finally get to witness the passing of the torch - The final days of Porky Pig and the rise of... Porky Pig? Wait... What?
11 – The Humanest Human That Never Lived - After a brief trip to the Arctic and a visit from the ghost of Uncle Sam, Porky and Daffy settle down and start families... but is that Porky's kid?   Please Subscribe:¬†
The Tooniversal Glossary #1 - The first of our companion series summing up some of the ideas and terms coined in the last ten episodes. We cover The Moment, Super Sentience, Trouser Test, Monkey Government, The Pig Brother Program, ARREsT, The Agency and The Portal.
10 – Sniffles Goes West - As we wave goodbye to Egghead, a familiar mouse enters the picture, raising new questions on interdimensional travel.