The Space Jam Continuum

In this, the era of the extended cinematic universe, two brave (read: stupid) heroes take it upon themselves to fashion a coherent narrative from the entire Looney Tunes collection in the hope of making some of that sweet, sweet WB dollar.

Recent Episodes:

TSJC – A New Legacy - We're back, and there's a Space Jam 2 trailer. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!
S03E40 – The Elmer P Fudd Foundation - In this, the final episode before our series roundup, we finally fill another seat of the agency roundtable, discover a secret martian invasion, and leave Elmer in an affluent but iffy situation.
S03E39 – Precedented Times - In these recently heavily precedented times, Chris and Cal deliver an important series of PSAs to see you all safely through this second lockdown and, hopefully, the rest of time! (no guarantees)
S03E38 – Duffy Dick - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it IS a bird.
S03E37 – TBG1000 - Gangsters going cuckoo and grannies getting grafted to boats.
S03E36 – Buff Tents - This week's foray into the Tooniverse is ripe with discovery as we get some insight into Tweety's reports back to Prime, we further examine the anatomy of Sam, and Wile E regains his sponsorship.
S03E35 – Summerisle - WHY?! Why are they doing this to all the cats? Don't they know he's out there, waiting?
S03E34 – Ooh, Stick You! - In this Foghorn heavy episode we explore the nature of electricity, memory and machines.
S03E33 – Bugs’ Eternal Hole - Vampire Frogs? At this hour? Surely, not!
S03E32 – I Want Muscles - The boys are creating a superspy one Diana Ross song at a time this week, while also watching some cartoons.