The Space Jam Continuum

In this, the era of the extended cinematic universe, two brave (read: stupid) heroes take it upon themselves to fashion a coherent narrative from the entire Looney Tunes collection in the hope of making some of that sweet, sweet WB dollar.

Recent Episodes:

S03E35 – Summerisle - WHY?! Why are they doing this to all the cats? Don't they know he's out there, waiting?
S03E34 – Ooh, Stick You! - In this Foghorn heavy episode we explore the nature of electricity, memory and machines.
S03E33 – Bugs’ Eternal Hole - Vampire Frogs? At this hour? Surely, not!
S03E32 – I Want Muscles - The boys are creating a superspy one Diana Ross song at a time this week, while also watching some cartoons.
S03E31 – Biscuit Pringles - If somebody could fashion a digestive biscuit so thin as to be able to give it a satisfying curve so ergonomically pleasing to the tongue that, if you were to pop, you would be unable to stop... would you pop?
S3E30 – A Tick From The Past - WE WERE RIGHT! IT IS GROSS!
S3E29 – Jup’Topians - The boys are back for real this time, in the same room and everything.
S3E28 – Nut Hoarders - We're SO late, but we're back. An acute combination of crisis and negligence offers you this three-week late episode!
S3E27 – The Embassy - In this cat heavy episode, we get some insight into the advent of PepĂ©'s creepy ways, catch up with Sylvester and fifty lions, and discover a new world halfway down the portal.
S3E26 – Franchised Hellholes and Top Level Twits - It's all about dem holes this week.