The Space Jam Continuum

In this, the era of the extended cinematic universe, two brave (read: stupid) heroes take it upon themselves to fashion a coherent narrative from the entire Looney Tunes collection in the hope of making some of that sweet, sweet WB dollar.

Recent Episodes:

S03E33 – Bugs’ Eternal Hole - Vampire Frogs? At this hour? Surely, not!
S03E32 – I Want Muscles - The boys are creating a superspy one Diana Ross song at a time this week, while also watching some cartoons.
S03E31 – Biscuit Pringles - If somebody could fashion a digestive biscuit so thin as to be able to give it a satisfying curve so ergonomically pleasing to the tongue that, if you were to pop, you would be unable to stop... would you pop?
S3E30 – A Tick From The Past - WE WERE RIGHT! IT IS GROSS!
S3E29 – Jup’Topians - The boys are back for real this time, in the same room and everything.
S3E28 – Nut Hoarders - We're SO late, but we're back. An acute combination of crisis and negligence offers you this three-week late episode!
S3E27 – The Embassy - In this cat heavy episode, we get some insight into the advent of PepĂ©'s creepy ways, catch up with Sylvester and fifty lions, and discover a new world halfway down the portal.
S3E26 – Franchised Hellholes and Top Level Twits - It's all about dem holes this week.
S3E25 – The Worst Scottish Accent - We don't have Coronavirus! Do you? We're back with our boy Sylvester, and it isn't going well for the guy. Isn't life for this cat just one bloody thing after another? Bugs and Sam have a ruckus in the desert…
S3E24 – Get Them All With Hats On - Daffy abuses the neck slot... wait... not like that... I'll start again! Weird science from our favourite Duck this week, having passed the torch to Bugs. Free from the responsibility of Elmer, does he finally want to settle down? Meanwhile,…